Tarifa is well known for its buzzing social scene during the days of summer. It provides a small-town friendly atmosphere, with many activities for children, while also offering exciting activities for adults at night. In recent years it has become a popular spot for northern-Europeans to spend their summers.

Near the port of Tarifa there is a well-preserved castle, the Castillo de Guzman. The coast of Tarifa is also popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers due to the strong winds of the straits. For this reason Tarifa is also dotted with hundreds of wind turbines. Tarifa is an excellent place to watch migrating birds, in particular the storks which cross the Straits of Gibraltar in spring and autumn. Also whale and dolphin watching can be done on the 14 kilometer wide Straits. Like the name Costa de la Luz suggests, Tarifa enjoys many hours of sunlight each year.

Where to have breakfast?

  - Café Continental. Paseo Alameda
  - Bar Galería 10. Calle de la Luz, 10
  - Café Azul. Batalla del Salado, 8

Where to eat?

  - El Juncal. Pedro Valiente 5
  - Chilimosa (vegetarian food to take away). Calle Peso, 6
  - Souk. Calle Mar Tirreno, 11
  - El Torreón. Av. Andalucía 13-15
  - El Ancla (pescado). Frente Puerto de Tarifa

Where to eat tapas?

  - Anca Curro. Calle Moreno de Mora
  - El Feo. Calle Guzmán el Bueno
  - El Pasillo. Calle Guzmán el Bueno
  - Las cuatro esquinas. Puerta de Jerez

Night Bars

  - Tejota (Bar alemán). Puerta de Jerez
  - La Tribu. Calle de la Luz
  - Almedina. Calle Almedina.

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