Common Dolphin

  (Delphinus delphis)
Common Dolphin

Description: The Common Dolphin has a criss-cross pattern well defined on its side, similar to an hour glass shape. The previous segment is yellow, while the subsequent is gray. The surface dorsal is black and the womb is white.

Size: Adults that are completely developed can measure from 2-2,5m long and weigh 70-135 Kg; the young measure 80 cm and weigh 10Kg.

Behaviour: They form groups from a hundred animals, depending on the time of day and year. Then can swim up to speeds over 25 knots, and are seen frequently playing near ships.

Feeding: They feed mainly on fish. While hunting, they dive 9 to 50 meters. The maximum depth they dive is of 200 m.

Reproduction: They mate in summer and autumn and the gestation takes approximately 11 months, after which is born a single young of 76-86 cm long. The dolphins reach sexually maturity after 3 or 4 years and can live to 25 years, at times even to 30 years.