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The excursions are subject to change, due to the weather conditions. The scheduled date of the reservation can vary without notice. To validate the reservation, the participants should call Whale Watch Tarifa at least one day in advance to confirm the excursion (956 627 013).

Once confirmed, the participants should be present in our Headquarters or our Information Center, at least ONE HOUR BEFORE the excursion. Otherwise, they can lose their reservation.

Whale Watch Tarifa guarantees the sighting of at least ONE cetacean species, with 97% success. In the case of no sightings, we will give a TICKET OF FREE REPETITION, without an expiration date.

There will only be a REFUND in the case of cancellation due to bad weather, boat damage, or similar.

Whale Watch Tarifa is not responsible for the emails that do not arrive at its destination.