1. Whale Watching

is for school groups, families, social groups, lovers of the nature and for the general public. We include specific, educational material for each type of recipient.

All the whale watcher receives a leaflet called "Information for the Whale-Watcher", about the resident species of cetaceans and the ones in transit in the Straits of Gibraltar. During the trip, once the species is sighted, we describe its behaviour, its social organization, as well as the relationship with other marine mammals, as well as the fish and the birds, which share the same marine ecosystem.

School Groups: Prior to the day of the excursion, we send to the faculty specific material to study in the classroom.

This differentiates itself in:
  A)Syllubus, for children between 10 and 14 years, called "We respect our environment", about the cetaceans and the marine life.
  B) "Document of the Ceateans in the Strait of Gibraltar " for the children from 15 to 18 years.   - For younger kids we have a coloring book, where además can learn the concept of "The Seas trophic chain".

2. Activities of Environmental Education for children,

by means of workshops, playing, etc.

3. Knowledge of Nature Trips

By walking through guided paths that pass through the most important ecosystems of this area, with fauna and flora, the participants will understand the complexity of the ecosystems here and they learn to differentiate the types of environments by their associated vegetation.

4. Special excursions

for children with physical or mental difficulties.

5. Course for whale watching monitors

During this course the students are taught to be responsible guides on the whale watching trip. We emphasise the correct distance to keep from the animals, conduct that should be communicated for the guide to skipper of the boat, at the moment of the approach. Also contents about the organization, including teaching, the security and conduct on board, the care of the passengers, the observation and identification of the species of dolphins and whales, and is qualified to respond to FAQS.

6. Conferences

About the Whale Watching, the whales and the marine ecosystem of the Strait of Gibraltar. The presentations are always adapted to the specific audience, giving students and investigators the opportunity to expose and to know the latest made research programmes and results, as well as to debate the current regulations of protection for the cetaceans and the sea.

Teching material
  - Syllubus
  - Document
  - Coloring book